Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Elongated Run

Last night I received a call from Mike Keller letting me know he would be interested in running Mohican today. I told him my plans for 8 miles and he thought that would be great.
We started at the starting line for the 'Forget the PR 50 km' in Mohican S.P..
From there we ran to the trails in howling winds and no visibility towards the trail to the covered bridge. Ran 4 miles in new snow along the Clearfork of the Mohican River. It was beautiful, but cold being 20 degrees. Once at the covered bridge we were to head back to the start, but Mike wanted to elongate and not truncate the run. So we fast paced to the fire tower (2.5 miles).
Once at the tower Mike braves the elements and in the Art Moore tradition, climbs the tower.
Upon returning to terrafirma we headed to the covered bridge and then ran back to the start.
Nice adventure, plus added an additional 5 miles on the day for 13 miles, Mike gets 13.1.


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Nice Run Art Moore Style!

Michelle said...

Why didn't you climb the fire tower too? I think I'll do it tomorrow at the training run. LOL