Friday, February 27, 2009

Tempo Run

This weather is driving me nuts. It's cold again and snowing. The snow is not accumulating thank goodness.
Today's run was 4.5 miles at temp pace or 153 Heart rate. I ranged from 144 to 163. I felt comfortable. With the warm up and cool down I had 6.67 miles. It was all done at the Wooster indoor track. Very nice temperatures there.
Tomorrow it will be cold with lows at 18 degrees. So the 3rd Forget the PR familiarization run should be like a normal run this winter. 23.75 miles...............................8 AM


Kim said...

Same pain here. Man, it's been a long cold winter with no respite.
Steeling up for 23 miler here on the roads. Run over to Gnadehutten (the locals just call it J-Nade) and back. Stashed some water bottles on my course, hope they don't freeze over night!

Nick said...

I say we all move out west or down south where it is a little warmer.

I'll be complaining about the heat in just a few month's.