Friday, April 3, 2009

8.4, Busy, Busy, Busy

Thursday I ran 8.4 miles from the Loudonville High School to Mohican State Park Class A into the cabin area. With the return trip it was 8.4 miles. Nice run on a beautiful day-68, sun, and ample amount of wind.
Sorry for not keeping you all up to date on my running trials and tribulations, but it is either blogging to let you know how I am doing or doing it.
Visits to the doctors, track and training have me running ragged. And guess what the grass is growing, so one more thing going on the list.
So keep trucking out there and all will fall in line.

Sunday Fools 50 KM. Plan is to run the 1st 25 KM fast and trudge the last 25 km. This will be a training run.


Nick said...

Hey Don. I'll see you on Sunday. I plan on doing this as a training run as well. I still have not decided if I am running 25k or the whole thing.
We'll see.

Don: said...

Look forward to seeing you.
The nice thing about this run is you can change your mind during the event.
So come prepared for a whole day of fun.
See ya there. Remember, no alcoholic beverages to be drank at the event, unless disguised as water.