Monday, April 6, 2009

Fools 50 KM Trail Race

April 5; I got up at 4 AM to pick up Rob Powell and Michelle 'Speed Demon' Bichsel at Walmart in Ashland. Got them at 5:30 AM and we head for the start at Pine Hollow in CVNP.
Nice to be there early as we had a prim o parking spot.
The excitement was in the air as well as a cool 31 degrees on a clear morning.
Approximately 200 runners toed the line as both the 25 KM and 50 Km races started at 7:30 AM.
My plan for the day was to run the first 25 KM at the pace I wanted for 'Forget the PR 50 Km' in two weeks (2:57/25k) and the pace for the Mohican Trail 100 (3:55/25k). I was doing pretty well through the 1st 25 k hitting all my time goals at each aid station. The 2nd 25k was better with slightly better splits through the aid stations. I thought I would have a race at the end as I had one runner on my rear and one just ahead of me. The one ahead had passed me a mile earlier, so I was determined to get him back. I pushed the last 3/4 miles and got ahead of both runners who were still close. So I pushed real hard to get an advantage going into the finish line. After crossing the finish, I turned to see who was behind me. No one for some time....Wowwww!
6:46:59 unofficial.
Michelle decided to do the 25k from the get go. Good choice on her part as Boston Marathon will be in two weeks. She did place 3rd overall and 1st female. Congrats Michelle!!!!
Rob was to do 50k, but bowed out at 25k. Now it was hard to see both of them lounging around at the start/finish line while I had to push through for another lap. It did cost Rob a beer at the Winking Lizard after said race.
While at the winking lizard much conversation was had. Some bolstering, some on the qualities of beer, and much gossip. I did not participate much in the later.
Nick was nice enough to bring a bottle of his current brewing. I can't wait to give it a try. I'm sure it is great. Many thanks Nick and it was nice to see you at the Fools.............................


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Great job Don Baun!

Michelle said...

Way to go Don! Great 50K. Although I enjoyed lounging after the 25K, I wish I could say I did the 50K. Awesome run!