Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Running in the Rain.

This morning I went out for a nice 8 mile run. Perfect weather for ducks. Raining and windy.
But I needed to prove I could taper for the big run on Sunday - Forget the PR 50 KM at Mohican.
So I went and ran an easy 8. Felt great with the rain falling and the need to stay warm made me push just a little harder then I had planned, but hey it was great and I had a good time and run. So be it!


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Great job!

Tom Fangrow said...

Ha! I really like the "If the bone ain't showin you got to keep goin" motto.

Don: said...

Sorry for the delay, but been extremely distracted and not up to date.
"If the bone ain't showin you got to keep goin' I took from an Ultra runner many years ago. Her name is Randy Bromka. She was a strong runner in the 1990's.