Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Forget the PR or I must be getting older!

Sunday, April 19 started the Forget the PR at Mohican in what was a perfect day for a trail run.
Had my plan, put in adequate training, and was ready to go.
Rob Powell did an outstanding job organizing this event. Everything from the runners perspective was great. Volunteers where there to provide the assistance every runner needed to get the job done.
Every runner who toed the lined, finished.
So congratulation to all the runners who had an opportunity to experience a taste of Mohican.
Many thanks to all the volunteers who where there to help me have a great experience. And Rob Powell who took a chance by putting a race on for others.

Now for my race: I had set a goal of 6:15 for my race. This was based on my performance at Fools 50 Km two weeks earlier. I had ran the first 25 KM at the pace I had hoped for this entire race. The second 25 km was at my Mohican Trail 100 pace. My finish time was 6:47.
I know Mohican 'Forget the PR' was a tougher course, but figured I was up to the challenge.

From the start with all the girls screaming at us (memories from my high school days) to the first aid station at Hickory Ridge, I ran conservatively due to the two mile up hill and still got the the aid station ahead of schedule. By the way Mike and crew did a great job of 'Wizard from Oz'.
From Hickory Ridge to the Covered Bridge, I knew the course had more downhill, so I pushed the pace. I got to the Covered Bridge on schedule. The Mansfield Running Club, which I belong,
did a great job trying to make use think we were in some south pacific location but no sun. It was nice to see so many cheerful smiling faces.
The next section was going to be very technical and lots of elevation ascent to the Lodge. I did falter a little in this section getting to the Lodge aid station 9 minutes behind schedule. No concern much runable trail was ahead. From the Lodge to the Covered Bridge, I started to get back spasms. This in all my years running was a first. They were painful causing me lose what little running form I had. I did push on and it seemed where there were downhills my back would spasm more. I made it to the covered bridge losing more time and figured that my goal time was now gone, especially with the Covered Bridge to the Fire Tower section ahead (11 miles to go). This section was pretty much ascent all the way to the fire tower. This section was my greatest loss of time. Even though it was a beautiful section, it was slow going for me. I made the tower being 30 minutes over my goal time and with 8.5 miles to go, not much chance of making up that much time.
Kim 'The Trail Goddess' was captain at the fire tower aid station. She and her crew did a wonderful job and she even gave me drugs for my back (No not that kind!!!!). Kim did tell all the runners at the aid station I had something to do with the course at which time I was attacked. Due to the many punches I took in the back or the Nsaids, my back was starting to feel better.

Now back to the covered bridge via 4.5 miles of trail mostly descent. This was a good section for me. And was I happy to see the Mansfield Running Club once more before heading to the finish line. This journey was along the flattest 3 miles of the course. However the race director and only the race director can take credit for the final 1.25 miles. 300 feet of steep ascent took place at the beginning of this last 1.25 miles. Cruel and sadistic were my thoughts, and I have been know to do some of this stuff in my cross country workouts.
But at last the finish line and the conclusion of a beautiful day. 6:56:01----80 th place/128.
Nice belt buckle for my achievement and friendly faces at the finish. Again may thanks for a nice race and day.

I did go back out on the course for 1.5 miles to meet a good friend and pace her in to the finish. She just inspired me when I heard she was still running. Ruta Mazellis, director of the former 'Dan Rossi 100' stayed at my house the night before and told me her training was pretty much not. But she wanted to at least participate and get to the covered bridge the first time. I saw her heading to the Lodge on an out and back section. She was doing great and look well. I told her with 13 miles in she should finish it out. While sitting at the finish line I ask Rob Powell if Ruta had dropped.
He told me no one had drop. He called up to the fire tower and asked Kim if Ruta had gone through her aid station. She had. So back out I went and Ruta finished with a fine time.
Congratulations Ruta.....................................


Mike said...

Well...no extra 9 miles? Does this spell the end for the challenge for you?

Kim said...

Congratulations Don!!!!
And I am so glad you paced Ruta in. While I was running down to the CB, I thought about pacing Ruta in, but she had already gone through the CB on her way to the finish-how great was that!!!!!
Rob did an excellent job. And thank you for all your help with the race too!

The Mohican 50K Forget the PR said...

Way to go Don Baun. High School days. LOL

Don: said...

Yes this may be my doom, unless I can run sometime next week.

Many thanks for your volunteering at the FT. You did a great job. Much appreciated.
Ruta really surprised me and I was happy to go back out to and celebrate her finish.