Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow Storm Done.

Finally the snow stopped and I had the chance to fire up the snow blower. I was beginning to think it would not be used this year. My philosphy is don't clear the snow if it will melt soon. When the snow is 12 inches deep with drifts of 24 inches, you got to clear it so the car can go.

After the snow was cleared today, it was time to do at least a 3 mile run, so I did at Mohican S.P., Class A.

My running schedule went to h........, due to the weather. Next week it's back to salt mines.

On a good note, Kyle Lemke qualified to the state indoor track meet this weekend for the 800m. The 4X400 team are alternates, so if enough top 16 teams don't confirm they may be there also (Lemke, Nick Kopp, Micky Harvey, Jace Wolford).

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