Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kahtoola's Revisited

Today was a beautiful day for a run except the snow on the ground. Rob 'some kind of nut' Powell came over at 7:30 am for a run at Mohican. He ran from my house to the Covered Bridge while I drove to the Covered Bridge. He ran 3.2 miles to that point.
Our plan was to run the MT 100 orange loop (Minus the grist mill section).
Well!!!!!!!!!!! We started from the CB up the bike trail. The snow was deep and no one had traveled that way, at all to do any packing of the snow. Not even a mountain bike? I did notice Rob let me head up the trail first. He must think I'm a real dumb ass. He wanted me to break the trail.
As I led the way we were discussing how tough the entire run was going to be. I was already exhausted. So after a half mile into the run we went back to the car.
New plan, run to the Big Lyons Falls .85 miles (1.7 miles round trip) and to the Pleasant Hill Dam .75 miles (1.5 miles), round trip 3.2 miles. I ran 15.5 miles while Rob did 18.7 miles. If you haven't figured it out we did multiple loops.
The conditions on these trails were snow packed and/or icy.
Now for the Kahtoola's revisited part. I wore my Kahtoola's and they were great. Worked well in deep snow, I didn't. Worked great on packed snow, excellent traction. On ice they gave outstanding traction and no slipping.
So there you have it a nice long run with a nut, snow, ice, and my Kahtoola's.


haley said...

Hey Don. Here is the picture that you wanted.

haley said...

Don when i look at the comment i just left you it looks like it cut off part of the link.. so if it did let me know and i'll try and repost it some how

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...


I knew that you would do a great job breaking down the snow. I just wanted you to get the full test of your Kahtoolas.