Saturday, March 29, 2008

10 miles on the B+O Trail

This afternoon I ran 10 miles on the B+O Trail from Butler to Bellville. Of course I returned to Butler. The weather was sunny, but windy. Actually the wind was quite stiff at times. Lots of people out and about today.

Then I took my wife to the emergency room around 8 pm and returned home after midnight.
She had another bad migraine and extremely high blood pressure. She's now resting and I'm posting............

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Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...


I hope Betty is resting well and is in recovery from the migraine. I ran from Lexington to Bellville. We could have been on the trail at the same time.

Coaching, running and pooh pooh. I think that coaching is what you do best. I think I can lay claim to being the first person you have coached in running. The numbers of runners, strength of the team, and success is not what you should focus on. Building what you have and what the team thinks of you should be your measure of success. This is most important.

While time may require you to move on and let others take over you should think of what you and those teams have accomplished and learned. It is a fact that they will take those adventures into life long after you and I are gone.

When I was younger I remember running a 5k PR of 17:51. There are many factors for this short course, leading the race to win, no hills and of course youth. Five years ago with the factors in my favor I could break 20 min. Now in my old age, hard to tell but I know I will never break 19 min. I guess age slows us down and this is why they have developed age factors in determining comparable time with your old PRs.

Maybe the Pooh Pooh is the thought that the times are not where you desire and an adjustment in thinking of running times (ONLY) should be considered with age. Figure out if the running times are causing the POOH POOH and if so apply it towards your running and not your coaching. I for one think you’re a hell of a coach both in running and life. After all it has been working for me for over 20 years and I have been taking it with me now and will into the future.