Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rob 'Buckeye' Powell, What an inspiration.

Today I received a call from good friend Rob Powell, the one who ran 20 miles on Good Friday. He ran 4 multiple loops to get those miles in. Now that's inspiration. I told Rob I was heading out to do my run when he called and intended to beat his number of loops from yesterday. Rob inquired as to the number of miles I was intending to do.
I told him 5 loops at 1 mile per loop. He thought that was unfair, but I only intended to beat the number of loops he ran. He's the one who's running a 100 mile race in two weeks , not me. I did run the 5 miles down at Mohican in the Campground area.
Now to be fair, I am taking pity on Rob by running 15 miles with him tomorrow morning. He is planning on 20 miles, so he will run 5 miles prior to me showing up at the B+O Trail in Butler. I hope I don't sleep in!!!!!!


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...


You sleep in??? Come on, you will be just finsihing those long LOOPS of yours. LOL See ya in the AM

Kim said...

Rob is going to kick butt at Umstead! While I will be hoping to finish.

Don, this pic just made me smile. Just to see your eyes and Rob's face, and that famous little bench in the background at the start of the Purple Loop-made me really miss running at Mohican!

Don: said...

Yes I will be there in the AM. It will be cold.

You will do fine at Umstead. It has the same elevation as Rocky, except the footing is better as it is on road type trail. If that makes sense.
You may miss Mohican, but she has not been so kind during the winter. Hopefully the trails get rid of all the snow and we can run and enjoy.