Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Morning Run

I met Rob Powell at Butler, Ohio to run 15 miles on the B + O Trail. We ran 7.5 miles out past Bellville and almost to I-71 before turning around. It was nice of Rob to coerce me into getting up early for the run. He was convincing since he wanted 20 miles and myself only 15, so he ran 5 miles before I was to run with him. That meant he should be a little worn down.
Some Photos of Rob's past...............................
What a beautiful morning with a nice frosty feeling, probably due to the 17 degrees at 7:15 am. A plus was no wind, at least not aloft and the sun was appreciated. Overall we had a good visit while running and I was glad I got up and did the run.
Rob has Umstead 100 in a couple of weeks and with his training schedule, he should be prepared physically and mentally. Mentally getting all those training miles in in this miserable Ohio winter. Go get it Rob!!!!!!!!

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