Monday, September 29, 2008

Review Week #1

I thought I would be doing a fantastic job of updating my progress daily, NOT!
So here is my week number #1 training update towards Rocky Raccoon 100:

Weight has dropped from 155# to 150#. Goal: 128.
Miles for the week: 41.25 Goal: 30 miles
Sunday: 15 miles
Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: Off- Home CC meet. (Planned)
Wednesday: Tempo run of 8.2 miles - 4 miles tempo pace.
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 3.25 miles
Saturday: Off- away invitational (Unplanned)
So, I exceeded the mileage, took an extra day off, lost 5#'s and got all major runs done.

Week #2: (9/28-10/4) 40 miles: includes 16 mile long and a tempo run.

We continue......................................


Nick said...

Is the 16 miler you did on week #2 on the B+O trail?
If so, is this the rails-to-trails path I cross on my way to Mohican?
Any information you have on this trail is appreciated. I've always wanted to run this trail, but wasn't sure how long it was, etc....

Don: said...

Yes, you probably cross this trail several times heading to Mohican.
It starts in Butler. Goes to Bellville. Goes under I-71 at the SR 97 exit, then into Lexington. From there it ends in Mansfield at North Park. Each mile is marked.
It is not my favorite R to T that is asphalt. That would be hands down Kokosing Gap Trail that runs from Mt. Vernon to Danville. Each 1/2 mile is marked.

On Sunday the Mansfield RC meets in Lexington at 7 am for a run. Different levels of talent. Rob will be there. I plan to run also but very slow for 18 miles. If interested join in it's free except for the pain surcharge.

Nick said...

Don, I wished I could meet with you guys. I am on-call this week with work and need to be near home.

I've always heard about the Kokosing Gap Trail but for some reason never made it up there.

Have a great weekend.