Friday, September 19, 2008

Mohican Forest 4 and the plan.

5:30 PM I went to the Mohican forest headquarters and ran 4 miles of road. There was not a person to be found and very pleasant to run.

So, for those of you who want to know how I plan on getting ready for my 100 miler, take a look:

Wk #1 (9/21-27) 30 miles: includes 15 mile long one and a tempo run. Weight 155#.
Wk#2 (9/28-10/4) 40 miles: includes 16 mile long and a tempo run.
Wk#3 (10/5-10/11) 50 miles: includes 18 mile long and a tempo run.
wk#4 (10/12-10/18) 60 miles: includes 20 mile long, a tempo run, and moderate 10 mile.
Weight down to 145.
Wk#5 (10/19-10/25) 70 miles: includes 25 mile long, 2-10 mile, 1-12 mile, and a tempo run.
Wk#6 (10/26-11/1) 60 miles: 20 mile long, 1-10 mile, and a tempo run.
Wk#7 (11/2-11/8) 50 miles: 25 mile long and a tempo run.
Wk#8 (11/9-11/15) 50 miles: 30 mile long and a tempo run. Weight 135#.
Wk#9 (11/16-11/22) 50 miles: 18 miles long and a tempo run.
Wk#10 (11/23-11/29) 50+miles: Nifty 50, RI if they have it and a tempo run.
Let's just go to week 10 for now and see how I do. There will be an additional 10 weeks to Rocky Raccoon 100.


Michelle said...

You really got it all planned out. If you want some company on those 25/30 milers, I'll be happy to join you if I have the availability. Shoot, too bad you posted it, that means Rob will probably be tagging along with ya. Ha Ha

Don: said...

More than welcomed to join in. Who knows by then I might get a little lighter and a little faster so I can keep up with you. I don't know about Rob, he doesn't have a race to focus on so maybe he will want to keep his runs to 5-8 miles. lol

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Ha ha ha. You all are funny funny funny.


Nick said...

I can't keep up with any of you, but I appreciate you posting this as I will need something to go off of for Mohican 2009. It's just around the corner you know.

After this Marathon is over in October, it's game on.