Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pushing Up Daisies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Back!!
Yesterday I wanted to give my runners a long run after their Tuesday meet. However I wanted to do a hill workout, so I came up with a run that would accommodate both.
From the Loudonville High School there is a road that heads west called Maple Heights and has a horrendous hill with over a 300 foot climb. From there the runners continue on a roller coaster to the State Forest Entrance. Basically 4 miles out and return 4 miles. Some of the slower runners I had run 3.3 miles out and 3.3 miles back.
Well they were thrilled!
I was not planning on running the run since it would be to painful and I was going to do an easy flat run with are lesser runners. But no, several of my runners conned me into doing the hill run.
I went out with my top girl runner. We headed up Maple Heights hill. One third of the way up I bonked. I told her to go on as I could not do it on the day. She continued on and I thought if she could get up over that g-dam hill so could I. So on I went. I whole purpose of the run was to work the hills. On on!
I finally caught up we Haley at 2.1 miles and we headed on together. My number 5 boy (Jon) was to turn around at the 2.1 mile mark and head back. The number 4 boy (Andrew) asked him to run to the 3.3 mile turn around before they started. I told Jon he should turn around at the 2.1 mile turn around as he was not capable of making it to the 3.3 mile turnaround and back.
Well my strategy worked as he continued on with Andrew.
Haley and I ran on also. This is an up and down run the whole way. We made it out and back again. I can tell you I slept well last night and I'm sure all those kids did too.

I think this run and last Sunday's trail run with Rob and Michelle were a true wake up call for me to get my ass in gear. Lose 20 pounds and get 50 - 70 mile running weeks back in place.
How else am I going to run a sub-20 hour Rocky Raccoon 100.

This Sunday I will run 15 miles at Mohican, anyone interested?


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

"How else am I going to run a sub-20 hour Rocky Raccoon 100." No I got you committed! 15 Miles may just work for me. 9:00ish good?

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Committed to it Sept 9th posting too! LOL

Don: said...

I believe if you read that comment again, it is really a question. I just forgot the question mark.
As for Sept. 9 blog, some confusion or miss typing may be the culprit.

9:00ish will be fine.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Yes, I am sure that that is the problem here.