Monday, September 1, 2008

21 miles on a Beautiful Morning

Sunday morning Rob Powell arrived at my house at 7:00 am for a nice trail run in Mohican.
Rob wanted to do a longer run in preparation for the marathons he has coming up in September, and I wanted to kick start my training. What better way than a nice 21 mile run on trails.
It was 50 degrees with a lot of moisture in the air at the start of our journey. We decided to do the red and green loops of the Mohican Trail 100. It was such an enjoyable run. We did take it slow as Rob was so out of shape and drinking beer like a drunk sailor while watching the Ohio State game on Saturday. I was just out of shape!!!!!! My downfall is all the ice cream I eat during the summer.
We got to Rock point in around 2 hours with a little more than half way to go. On our way there we ran into a friend we both knew. Paul Bower was out walking his two dogs. Paul knew Rob as a young boy and was good friends with his dad. Rob hasn't seen Paul for years and I don't think Paul recognized him at first, so it was a nice reunion.
After Rock Point we stopped to pickup our stashed water about a half mile down the trail. The rest of the run was uneventful except more people were out and about. Temperatures were rising and our vim and vigor was waining. After the fire tower, a new section of trail was had going around a gas well. While I don't think it added too much extra distance, the trail was excellent removing a 1/10th mile of gravel access road. All and all a nice run, now it's time to get back into the full swing of training for a race in November.


Kim said...

Good to hear from both you and Rob. If I lived in your area, I would forever be running on the Mohican trails. Good to hear they
ve moved some trail around a well head-somewhere right ahead of the fire tower it sounds like?

Mike said...

I think they are talking about the trail right AFTER fire tower, and I think I know the rerouted part.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Great run Don! I think the beer and ice cream is a fair trade for slow and steady. LOL

Don: said...

Kim and Mike....After the fire tower going to the covered bridge.

Rob....Yes plenty of ice cream and lots of beer is a well deserved benefit of running. However, my body weight remains the same. Probably need to drop the vegetables.