Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Now History, Turn the Page for the Next Chapter.

So much has transpired since my last post, so where to start.

Mohican Trail 100.
I have been involved with Mohican 100 since it's inception back in 1990. I have and have known runners who towed the line but failed to make the goal. A 100 miles is a long distance and quite cruel at that. When I designed the 1991 course I was much younger and wanted a challenging trail race where runners from the mountainous regions of the west would say, 'that is one tough race'. I think I succeeded in that desire. Now that I am a little older and plan one day to do Mohican again, I wish people would say that course is a piece of cake and real easy, but that is not to be.
So why am I babbling on about Mohican. This past weekend the 19th edition was run and I knew many runners towing the line. For some their goals were met and others they were dashed.
I was to pace my friend Rob from the 75 mile mark or Grist Mill Aid Station. I had checked on him throughout the day and he was doing well, keeping to his game plan. Unfortunately, as I was starting to prepare for meeting him I received a phone call. Rob had abandoned his run at 63 miles. Now 63 miles ain't nothing to sneeze at unless your goal is 100. I must say I was surprised and shocked by his dnf. Why? Rob had put in one heck of a training program in preparation for this race. I did not think he could be defeated mentally or physically. He was undermined by nausea and throwing up from 55 miles and on. This has happened at everyone of his 100's, even though he was successful on two occasions: Mother Road 100 and Rocky Raccoon 100. I'm not talking just a little barfing, but lot's of barfing to making one sick. He made adjustment in food, salt, water; but to no avail. I certainly could not come up with an answer.
Rob congratulations for a superb training program, hard work during those miserable winter days, and sticking to the plan as best the body would allow.
There were others I know who I pat on the back for taking on the challenge, but falling short: Kim who made it to 75 miles to run out of time (just a mere 75 miles) and Mike who went 45 miles before calling it a day. I hope most people realize that 95% of all running races are less then these runners achieved in their 100 mile race. Mohican Trail 100 2008 is now history, so time to turn to the next chapter of ones life.

Fred Davis III congratulations on your 1,000 mile Mohican Trail 100 Buckle, what an achievement.

Now on my do and did nots. I did not run for three days; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Shame on me. I did run twice on Monday. Apparently a little guilt trip so did a two a day.
Noon I ran 5 miles to the Lodge from my house in what was ideal temperatures with a slight breeze and low humidity, it felt great. At 7 PM went down to Mohican S.P. for a cross country group run. Ran with Jace Wolford on the trails for a 6 mile run. It was wet, muddy with tempts. still in the 60's but much more humid. Jace did balance the run in my favor as he wore road shoe on trails.
He slipped and fell a couple of times as I was able to run like a gazelle through the fields. Jace is one of my faster cross country runners, so it was nice to run ahead of him.
One must have the correct equipment for the right situations. It was an nice run and fairly quick.

So there we have it, a little history.

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Thanks, for it all. It sure was fun though. Hmmmm, that DNF does not set right for the last one does it?