Sunday, June 29, 2008


86.32 Miles
I will tell you about that number in a few.
Today I ran 8 miles on the Mohican Mountain Bike Trail. I had Betty drop me off at the group area and I ran from the 8 mile post to the Class A check in or the 0 mile post. The temperature was 77 with a nice breeze. The humidity was high and the trails were wet and slippery. So some caution was had. Had a great run and did a lot of thinking of how down in the dumps I am, probably about this coming CC season and lack of numbers and my lack of enthusiasm to train. One needs goals to train as that is the end result. So some goals, loose 15, no 20 pounds before New Hampshire Marathon. Train diligently for the marathon. And maybe and just maybe, enter Burning River 100. That would give me a whole month to get ready.

While I'm at it run the Ashland Baloonfest 5km this coming weekend. I will have some CC runners doing the race, so I will embarrass myself a little. I know one Young lady who will be gunning for me, but she will crumble like a flack y crust on a homemade apple pie. No names to be mentioned. Hummmmmmmmm!

Now for the 86.32 miles
. I started keeping a running log back in 1987. I tell the athletes I coach to keep a log because one day it might have some interesting things to look back on.
The one thing for me in recorded miles is the number 24,913.68. Wow that is a large number and the number of miles I have ran since 1987. Just think if I had kept a log way back in my high school years that number might exceed 26,000 miles. Anyhow I only need 86.32 miles to record 25,000 miles of running. A mile stone for me. That should come about in a couple of weeks.


Young Lady said...

Don it's on now. You will be the one who crumbles!!

Kim said...

Do it Don, do it! Run BR!!

Don: said...

Young lady,
Whoever you may be? I will not be denied, so you are going down. Just don't leave any crumbs on the road.

Now that's encouragement. A decision is soon to follow.


Nick said...

I have just made a commitment to run a fall Marathon too and really get things moving again.
Congrats on the Mileage. I just hope I can keep at it that long and log as many miles.
Good luck with Burning River. You know you want to.....

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

That is amazing. 25,000 miles. I will count up my miles some day.