Sunday, August 3, 2008

Low Down on Low Humidity

Ran 5.5 miles on mountain bike trails in Mohican. Nice and hilly. No Bugs. No humidity.
Wow if only I had the time I could have ran all day.
However, time being at a premium I only had enough for the 5.5 mile run.
I must say that humidity can really put a damper on performance. I have run at high altitudes making breathing labored, but humidity makes for a total miserable experience.

Tomorrow starts cross country practice. This should be a challenging year as the girls team will be small, and I am not picking on Mary Ann. The boys may not have enough to field a team, a first in my 10 years as head coach. However, there are two boys who should do well. Maybe state?????


Anonymous said...

5.5 miles on mountain bike trails is NOT intervals at the track...


Colleen (purple angel) sent me photos of your 25k day, sorry I had to miss it.

Don: said...

You caught me, yes I did skip an interval work out. And actually if I do not get focused, I will miss another one tomorrow. I have been a little distracted with my wife's health issues and this year CC team concerns.
I was expecting problems with the boys team. However the girls are now causing me major gastric distress. Two with health concerns might sideline them this year making for a non girls team. The joys of coaching!
Colleen sent me the photos also. The day was great and the glossies weren't bad either.