Monday, August 18, 2008

Canalways 5 km

Saturday I took three of my cross country runners for a road race near Navarre.
I have ran this one before and thought it would be a nice tune up race for this coming CC season.
Of course the boys felt I should run it also.
As not to embarrass the boys I did not get on the line with them. Instead held back about twenty feet. The field was pretty large with 386 runners, 209 men.
The blast horn went off and that was the last I saw of the boys. So I concentrated on my race. I was having trouble breathing for some reason, but still had a nice 7:01 mile. The first 3/4 mile is on road , then goes onto the bike path for the next 2 miles. The bike path is flat. The end of the race has a hill, but not to bad. I past at least 10 runners on the hill and a couple more on the straight away into the finish. All in all not bad as I am sooooo out of shape. My time was 23:42, 9th of 18 age group, 111th of 209 men, and 148th of 386 overall.
Now the boys faired a little better than me. Brian came in 3rd overall in 16:34, Jace 1st AG in 18:02, and Brandon 4th AG in 19:18.
The first cross country race for Loudonville will be August 26 at the Mapleton Invitational.


Josh said...

Sounds like you've got some speedy runners, Don! How kind of you not to break their spirits by showing them up :)

Nick said...

I find it to be such a nice gesture as Josh stated, that you held back on this 5K. You don't want to discourage the kids right before the season starts.

Don: said...

Yes, yes so true. One must keep their spirits up. Now the rest of the team is another matter.
I probably laid off a little too much based on our times.
That 16:30's boy is going to break into the 15's this year.