Saturday, August 23, 2008

Schools Out For Summer, NOT!!!!!!!!!

I was reflecting on my summer after viewing many blogs I frequent. The one thing that seem to stick out was the many wonderful vacations many had this year. I unfortunately did not get to venture out this summer for many reason. So those of you who put fantastic glossies of your trips, thank you. I for one did enjoy them.
Cross country season is upon us. We start racing next week. I traditionally fight with our athletic director not to schedule any meets during the first week. I like to torture the kids an extra week before we have a meet. This year we will go to Mapleton Invitational on Tues., August 26 as our first meet. The boys have won this invite 5 of 6 years since it's inception, all the last 5 years. We will not this year.
I have a strong top 4 runners, however one is out for three meets for disciplinary reasons. The rest of the team is weak, so we are very unlikely to prevail.
The girls are slow, slow, slow. My one hope this year is Haley who is running strong and should do well individually. We shall see, we shall see!
One of the new boys out for CC has improved drastically. He wasn't going to come out this year after having mono at the end of the school year. I told him I would bring him along slowly...he believed me.
On last Thursday we had a long run of 8 miles. I told Andrew to just do 6 miles. I caught up with him around 1.5 miles into the run and decided to run the rest of his 6 miles with him. We got to the turn around and he wanted to do the full eight miles. I was impressed and we pushed on.
The last mile of the 8 he did slow a little, but he has improved a lot. And I got in an 8 mile run.
Now that's progress.

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