Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life Just Stinks!

Wednesday when I got up to do my 10 miler, I had a sore chest, cough, head congestion, and it went down hill from there. Over Christmas I was unfortunate to obtain a stomach virus that took a week and a half to over come. Now I get an upper respiratory infection. Isn't life grand.
I'm supposed to do a 24 miler this weekend, I just hope I have enough energy to do it..sick or not.
So today I will take off, also. I guess my goal for Psycho Wyco 50 KM in Kansas will be to finish and no grand goals for place. I hope everyone else is doing well, especially you RR 100 runners.


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Man, what is up with that. It must be all those kids you are around at indoor track meets or on the bus? LOL

Kim said...

You need some more Vitamin C or something!
Rest up and maybe do your 24 miler on Sunday. I am hoping to get a 10 miler in on Sat or Sunday-I've been taking this "taper" cutback pretty seriously!

Anonymous said...

I take 1000 mg of vit C everyday. It apparently did not help.
Robs probably correct, it's the kids.
Now I will focus my vengeance on them with extreme workouts at the next indoor track practice. Thanks Rob.

Nick said...

Don, I got hit with the same thing. It seems a lot of people I know, not just runners got hit with this sickness. Mine took a lot longer to get over though.
I started hitting the whole food vitamins again as this will help my immune system.