Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Today I ran 5 miles on snow and ice covered trails in Mohican. More important I tried my new kahtoola micro spikes. They are designed to fit over my running shoe and have some 3/4 inch spikes that give plenty of traction in snow. The only problem I noticed today was mud and leaves would clog in the spikes. This was probably due to only 1-1 1/2 inch of snow on the ground, allowing the dead leaves on the ground to get caught in the spikes. No problem, just scuff the spike on the ground while you run and the clogs fall off.


Anonymous said...


Please make a point to report back again if you run in them in a deeper snowpack. I am curious about them. I screwed my shoes last winter and have the cordless and a box of screws ready in case conditions dictate at the Winter Buckeye 50k.

Don Baun Facts: said...

Mike, I will. I can't wait for deeper snow to try them out. There was plenty of ice and wet snow on the ground when I did try them. I had no slippage in my traction.
So, hope for some snow and I will let you know.