Monday, April 14, 2008

Paying the Price

Paying the price can be had many ways. The girls track team competed in 5 meets or invitationals in the past 11 days. It took its toll on them physically and emotionally. Being that most are only 9th and 10th grade it was a difficult task to get through, but they did and now the meets will be spaced out better. They will rebound and do well. I did have one young lady who tripped over a hurdle during the 300 IM Hurdles. I think she thought it was a 400 meter run, except someone left a hurdle on the track. She fell very ungracefully and had a little itty bitty scratch on her knee.
See the photo of the tape job she put on her knee. One would think it was a major injury, but we humor her.

Now for me and my training or lack of training. I will pay this coming Sunday at Lake Waramaug Ultras when I do the 50 km. Oh yes I will suffer soooooooooo! I have not kept me mileage up over the past two weeks, but what is one to do? Suffer I guess. I do tend to take it out on the track team, as it should be.


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

LOL, No Bone!

See you this weekend.

Don: said...

Touche, to use my own words, shame shame shame. But so true, lol.
By the way Haley 'PR' Young, is now Haley 'Starting Over' Young.

Young Lady with the "Itty bitty scratch" on her knee said...

very nice don. my knee is still gross after that fall... bruises and blood! almost as good as bone... :P
but THANK GOD we don't have another meet until tuesday.