Monday, April 21, 2008

Number 38!!!!!!

First, last Wednesday (4/16/08) Kyle Lemke one of the high school athletes I coach broke the school record in the 800 meter run. The record had been in place since 1992. There had been several boys I coached over the years who, I thought might break it, but at last Kyle did the deed in 1:59.2. Congratulations Kyle.

Second, on Saturday Rob Powell and I headed east to Connecticut to run in the Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug 50 km race. We left my house at 7:00 am and drove 553 miles to Danbury, Ct. where we spent the night. It only took us eight hours and 50 minutes. After eating we went to bed at 7:30 pm and got up at 5:45 am. Definitely had a good night sleep.
We arrive at Lake Waramaug and began the race at 7:30 am. The race followed a loop road around a lake. It was a 7.6 mile loop. We ran a 2.2 miles out and returned at the start finish. From there we ran around the lake three times. Then ran a 1.9 miles out and returned 1.9 miles to the finish.
A beautiful setting with the temperature at 53, cloudy, and breezy. The high was near 65.

The plans:
Rob's was to run conservatively using this as a training run for Mohican. What a line of crap!
Anyone who knows Rob, knows he is going to go like hell and give it his all until the finish or the wheels drop off. Thats what he did and he finish 3rd.

I on the other hand knowing my training was deficient, laid out a plan with a goal of 5:41. I finished in 5:46:44, just 5 minutes off my goal. I planned on hitting the 12 mile mark in 2 hours and it is what I did. In 19.6 miles 3:23 (actual was 3:26), 27.2 mile in 4:55 (actual was 4:58).
Felt great through the whole race. Got to run with many nice runners.
Rob and I left the race at 2 pm and arrive at my home at 11:45 pm. Not to bad turn around.
So in summary we were gone for 40 hours and 45 minutes. Drove 1,138 miles, ran 31 miles, and slept 10 hours and 45 minutes.
That's all worth it for STATE #38. 12 TO GO!


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Gone for 40 hours and 45 minutes. Drove 1,138 miles, ran 31 miles, and slept 10 hours and 45 minutes.

Crazy Bastards.

Mike said...

nice work Don. I enjoyed Rob's post and yours.

the bad part I guess is I identify with that crazy bastards comment. I would have joined you two in a heartbeat.

Don: said...

Thanks Mike,
Would have loved to have had you along. The 10+ hours of sleep was the best part.

Mike said...

you might not see this in time, but Kim, Regis, Gabe, and I will be meeting at the Covered Bridge at 9am for a Red/Green. Would love to see you if even to say hi, or run some, or run all!


Josh said...

congrats on another state!