Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mohican Comes To Life

Today I ran 5 miles in Mohican, partially on the orange loop. Wow, it is so nice to run with nice temperatures and a light breeze. Everything is coming to life and looking much greener. The trails are nice to run, no mud up to the ankles. My only regret is I did not run longer. However track practice was calling.

Speaking of track practice, I have an athlete who has done a PR in every event she competed in since January 19 at indoor track meet. I figure she has 16 straight Pr's in the 800, 1600, & 3200.
I wonder how long this can continue. She won't let me throw her into a 4th event. Probably thinks it will curse her Pr's. Believe it or not it's a girl and her name is Haley 'PR' Young.........

1 comment:

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Way to go Haley 'PR' Young!!! Looks like your leaving the guys in the dust.