Monday, December 8, 2008

There is something to be said about winter. #@*%!!

I came to the conclusion today my mood about running wasn't going to change since winter is here and will be here for some time. I hate winter. It's cold and there's snow and ice. Dreary!
Of course I could do like Rob Powell and run on my treadmill for 2 hours. Now that's worse than the cold, snow and ice.

So yesterday I implemented my new plan. Run long and meditate while running all the good things about winter. Then after a minute or two of meditation, finish the planned run.

Yesterday I ran at Mohican for 5 miles. Snow and ice...yes. 18 degrees...yes, and a little wind.

Today ran on the B+O Trail for 10 miles. Warmer than Sunday, 28 degrees. The rest was the same plus a little rain.

With my wife's health situation I have modified my race plans. Dropping URINEO 50 on 12/20 and Rocky Raccoon 100 on 2/7. Plus I'm not in condition to go the distance.
Still going to New Mexico on 1/18 to run Ghost Town 38.5 mile race. So I better get ready.


Mike said...

setbacks happen Don. Don't beat yourself up. I had a weekend of sickness that took me off track briefly.

Hope to see you sooner rather than later.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

you already have Texas anyways. NM on the books and it does not need to be pretty.

Don: said...

Thanks, I try not to beat my self up to bad, but time is running out on me for a sub 20 hr. 100 miler. And there are only two places I would have a chance to make that happen. RR or Umstead.

NM probably won't be pretty especially with the climb in the first 6 miles. However, it is all down mtn. the last 6 miles.

Nick said...

The miserable cold will come next year and so will all of those races.
I think I'm the Setback King, so take it from me. Take care of the important stuff first.

Slim said...

We will miss you at URINEO.

Don: said...

I totally agree.
So now for a beer.

Thanks Slim, will be thinking of you guys and gals enjoying the trails of Mill Creek.