Saturday, December 20, 2008

20 Miles in an Unconventional Way

Last weekend I was sick with sinus infection, swollen glands, and sore throat. Missed 4 days of running and when I did run I was really unmotivated. Probably weather related.
Today I had a twenty miler scheduled, but knew if I went out to do the 20, it would not be completed. I decided to do 4X5 mile runs.
9 AM ran from my house to the lodge.
11:30 AM ran in Loudonville. Ran into one of my CC runners and we ran together for 2 miles.
Thanks Haley!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:30 PM ran on the B+O Trail in Butler, Ohio.
4:30 PM ran at the Mohican State Park Class A campground area.
Temperature fluctuated from 23 - 27 degrees. Wind was present and only gloom (no sun).
I hope to get a 23 miler in next week.

Tomorrow 10 miles. It better be in the morning as the weather is going in a hand basket later in the day with strong wind in the 25-25 mph range.

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