Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Mo Sno!

I ran 10 miles today down at Mohican. All on road (OK 0.2 mile every three miles was not on road).
It was a balmy 41 degrees all the snow had vanished probably due to the rain. Yes, it rained and rained more. In fact it rained the whole dam time I was running. But..it was warmer, so that's a plus.

Went to indoor track practice after my run. Ironic indoor track was practiced outside. At Loudonville we don't have the luxury of practicing indoors unless we go to some one else s facility.
But since it was above 40 degrees we practice outside.

Now I am heading to yoga. I will have two athletes with me tonight. I think they do it so they can show the coach how flexible they are compared to me. If you are 16 you better be more flexible than me. That's enough for now, so two aleve and yoga.


Nick said...

It's great that you at least got out there. I was stuck inside since I am on call.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Nice job and great to hear for a sat & sunday run in Mo