Monday, June 11, 2012

State #49 and #50 are complete.
I ran the the Timberline Trail Marathon on June 2, 2012 near Government Camp, Oregon.  Probably my favorite marathon to date was all single track trail.  Knowing I would run a marathon the next day I ran conservatively.  Wow what a nice run in misting rain to clear skies.  I ran fairly consistently and just had a great run for my 49th state.  Thanks to Rob Powell who ran with me and took lots of glossies to commemorate this run.  I highly recommend this race to any marathoners who love trails.
Overall:  85th of 110, 1st AG.........................................

On June 3, 2012, Rob and I ran San Juan Island Marathon, Friday Harbor, WA.  I knew ahead of time this was a hilly marathon, but I had no idea of just how hilly it was.  The scenery was beautiful and we started at 8:30 AM with both the half marathoners and the 10K.  The 10K turned away from us quickly but the 1/2 marathoners stayed with us through 7 miles.  At which time the big group I was running with turned left and I all by my lonesome turned right.  No one ahead that I could see and no one behind.  I was in last place.  I saw the 1st place marathoner around my 8.5 mile point and he was running strong.  This section was an out and back.
So up and down the hills I went seeing one runner after another, until I saw Rob Powell about a half mile from the turn around.  I think this had him around 15th place on the out and back and me 16th.  However there were runners who started the race an hour early.  So I was the last of the Mohicans all the way to the 20 mile marker when I past several marathoners.  I thought this was great until I had to make a left turn to do a 5 mile loop and they turned right to the finish.  So all alone I was again, all the way to the finish.  The finish was great, being my last state.  The race director presented me with my finisher medal and thanked me for completing my states at his race.  I ended up 26th of 33 and 1st AG............................................

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