Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forget the PR and other Ramblings.

The past weekend and before I was involved with the Forget the PR 25 and 50K races held at Mohican for the 3rd year.
It really started the week before with the Race Director's Race for the volunteers where I put in a mediocre 7:59:44.  I started early so as to get my wife Betty and the Lasagna down for the other finishers/volunteers to eat.  That was accomplished and all were pleased.  At least with their meals.
During the week I did focus on my preparations for the upcoming Colorado Marathon.  Time is about up and tapering is now on the schedule.  I am not as ready as I hoped, but I will be going in the right direction, down.

For the FTPR, my responsibilities were to set up and organize the registration area and mark and check the 4+ mile falls loop before and during the race.  Both of these were accomplished and from that point I became a spectator with an occasional assist.

The race went well with Rob Powell's great organization skills and a helpful and encouraging group of volunteers.  The runners while given a hard course to conquer, had a great day and for the most part were quite successful.  I do believe they got their money's worth.  I could spend much more on the great efforts by individuals, but time is sometimes of the essences.

So to the victors congratulations and that is to all wether you ran or helped.  No runner can succeed without the efforts of volunteers.

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